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Binary Code by Rick Lax

Binary Code by Rick Lax

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Memorize a borrowed, shuffled deck in SECONDS
The juiciest part about mental magic is that they NEVER KNOW FOR SURE if you really did it. So the question in their minds isn't "how did you trick me?" It's "how did you (really) DO THAT?!?"
Rick Lax is an incredible inventor. And "Binary Code" is a MASTERPIECE. A fully developed THREE-PHASE routine that will not just entertain, but earn you a reputation for genuinely having genius-level memory ability.
PROFESSIONALS: Pro magicians will LOVE this. It's got a beginning, middle and end that all BUILD excitement the whole way through. And the way Rick presents it, the pace is always just right.
With Binary Code, you'll convince even the most skeptical audiences that you're really memorizing the deck. It's THAT good.



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