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Top Of The Props


On this page, you get to vote on your favourite props, routines or gimmicks.  Once you vote, you'll see the results of other voters.


What is your favourite Card to Wallet

There are so many card to wallets out there, but which is the best? Only you can decide!

What is your favourite hole in card routine?

We all love the visual moving hole, from Michael Close to Mickael Chatelain. What is your favourite gimmick or routine? If there are any missing that you like from the list, let us know!

Who's your favourite comedy magician?

We've thought of as many famours comedy as we can think of, both dead and alive, but if you can think of any we've missed, please do let us know.

Who is your favourite Children's Entertainer?

Entertaining children is a fine art, but what is it that defines entertainment in this field? Magic, clowning, bubbles amongst other forms are all valid options. The question is, who is YOUR favourite Children's Entertainer? If you think we've missed somebody glaringly obvious off of our list, please email us to let us know!

Who was you favourite BGT Magic Act?

This list of magicians who have performed on Britain's Got Talent is HUGE! So for this poll, we've stuck to the more well known acts or those who did better.  As with all our polls, if you think we've missed out an important name, please let us know.