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Customer Feedback


Dear Propdog,

I would like to quickly mention how pleased I was with the staff within your shop. I popped in yesterday for the first time and was extremely pleased with how helpful your staff were and how well the shop is clearly run. I have always received first class service when shopping with you which is not something I can say about numerous other shops.

Anyway, I look forward to popping in again in the future.

best wishes,


Very many thanks for your excellent service.
I ordered late on Tuesday evening, confirmed order first thing Wednesday, dispatched Wednesday and received Thursday.
The process was simple, efficient and informative at every step. This is how ordering props should be.
Very many thanks"
Mark Herrick

"Thanks for the order which came  couple hours ago.
Have to say lateral thinking in magic is rare but when applied produces the unique..and without doubt that stretched thumb tip is unique and So very versatile and useful in thousands of ways..a delight to use.. Hats off to you I think I would have held onto this for my own misers dream.
As with all items which came, and others that I have already purchased from you, one thing puts you way above the normal dealer..speed of delivery,fair price and QUALITY goods..I said it once I repeat..never since Ken Brookes have I felt the twinge of expectancy  on the arrival of a package.
Keep the flag flying..England needs you lol
All the best
Billy Lainsbury

"It is impossible to say how helpful Dave Bonsall is, whether its an online enquiry, a phone call or visit to the shop (where the coffee is also fantastic!)
Dave goes above and beyond time and again when it comes customer service and help with props in general. Cannot recommend Dave or Propdog enough"
Dean Jorgensen

No Billy benbo, and a performing Magi sine 1946, I have met many a dealer in my time.
From Ken Brookes, Ron Mac,Edwin,Davenports, endless list spanning the globe..the quality and service from you is exceptional.
And that coming from me puts you right up there with Ken.
You can look forward to on going orders in the near future.
Many thanks
Billy Lainsbury

Hi Dave,
I just wanted to share this story with you as I think you'll like it.
I have a client who books me to do parlour magic. He's booked me a few times and to be honest he's seen everything I do a few times over now.
Last time he booked me he asked me to do all new material and I managed to scrape enough together to make enough for a show but when I arrived the first thing he said to me was, are you going to do that ring trick again? (meaning your ring routine as explained on your lecture dvd with two envelopes in the jol wallet) so I said to him I'm really sorry but you asked for a completely new show and I didnt come prepared to do that trick.
Anyway he's just booked me to come and do another show entirely because he wants to see that trick again.
the client told me it was the finest magic trick he has ever seen.
So, thank you so much for sharing that routine... it's an absolute killer.
James Hudson

Dave at PropDog is a top man and a superb professional magician. He offers fantastic products, which he vets personally, at competitive prices. The customer care is the biggest positive though, Dave is always superb at supporting his customers and going above and beyond to help us performers do better. His own range of products are excellent and the website is going from strength to strength, expanding product range constantly. Ring Flight Revolution is simply fantastic, I have never struggled to get a great reaction from it!
Kevin Morton

Dave's Crystalline Deck & Bonsalopes are the PropDog's Bollocks
Will Gray - 

Hi Dave!
Greetings, David....
I just wanted to let you know that my Ring Flight Revolution arrived today in the mail and I'm having a blast with it!  The design itself is simply ingenious and it's definitely built to last.  I work at several restaurants and can't wait to give it a 'test flight' this coming week.  
I've heard people express concern over the price, but for what you get it's worth twice what you're asking.  Do me a favor -- don't raise your prices until AFTER I've ordered a second one to keep as a spare!  My motto has always been that anything worth performing on a regular basis is worth having two of so you always have a spare.
Bravo on a job well done, my friend!
Gordon Schott, Jr

Hi Dave!
My Ringflight arrived yesterday. Thank you very much! This is the best customer service I've ever seen. I will recommend you.

I perform the Ringflight for over 15 years and had different versions. Last week I have performed Ring Flight Revolution for the first time and it worked not only very well, it was simply great. I love the fact that it is a REAL car key and not something that tries to look as one. The own feeling during the performance is so much more authentic and better, than on Rinkey Dinkey (that never worked well) or Departure (which has some technical problems) or the classic leather bag version. Ring Flight Revolution is so well thought-out that I have no idea what one can make better (and I am known for  pointing out weak points of an trick ;-) I just ordered two more (for me and a friend of mine) because I always need a backup for all my tricks I have in my working repertoire. Thank you so much for Ring Flight Revolution.
All the best for you
Axel Hecklau

Just thought I would let you know it arrived today, this is fantastic! A well built item and your DVD is very informative...well done. Thanks again for all your help

I received my Ring Flight Revolution today. Absolutely fantastic! Great product. I cannot wait to use it in my next show - thank you.
Kind regards

Your RFR is the greatest! I just finished watching the DVD. I have done ring flight for years, but this takes it to a new level.

Hi Dave,

Just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you once again for the excellence in your customer service. I ordered the RFR at 4:30pm on Monday and 16 hrs later I had it in my hands!

I retired the ring flight routine from my repertoire many years ago but in hearing of your product and the reviews it had I decided that it should be reinstated. I'm over the moon with the quality of the product and the extras truly are the icing on the cake.

In a modern society we are quick to criticise and complain but seldom compliment. I'm the opposite and will applaud those who go that extra mile and you have done this in every way imaginable!

I will certainly be directing more business your way and when I buy my new car I'll not hesitate in placing another order with you.

Thanks again
Michael Murray

Hello Dave,

Great to meet you at the convention, hope it went well for you.

I went to the convention with a target list of the effects I was looking for and Ring Flight Revolution was on the list.
Now back home I have been going through the various effects I picked up and felt I should send you this mail.

Your Ring Flight Revolution is by far the best buy of the convention for me. 
The concept is pure brilliance. Your prop build quality and attention to detail is outstanding and a trait rarely seen in magic today.
The DVD is easy to understand, the depth you go into on maintenance, tips and possible hurdles that may arise and how to overcome them is so very generous.
I felt good when I bought the Ring Flight Revolution, it was a researched purchase as I needed a prop that would stand the rigors of being a pro. Watching your DVD and playing with the prop made me feel even better about buying this effect and prompted me to send you this mail of gratitude.

Thank you Dave, if you ever invent another trick, consider one sold.

Kind regards,

Ken Kelly

Hi Dave,

I received the Ring Flight yesterday, and thank you for the quick shipping. Here's the thing! I bought this for apromotion I was going to do in Miami for BMW (it fell thru), I said "great this will work perfectly. I already have a great ring flight routine, so perfect." 

I have a Michael Forbes ring flight I've used for years they were made in limited quantity, very expensive, lizard etc. I love it, it's flawless. 

Anyway cut to yesterday, got yours said to myself "I'll never use it" (why, I don't know, hard to teach an old dog new tricks!!!) I'm going to send it back or just sell it on the magic cafe to save some shipping costs. 

On my way to a gig last night I figured I'll take it with me, maybe give it a dry run.

Now here's the best part…….I love this thing! So much more deceptive than the big leather case, smooth, quite. You made a believer out of me, and I've owned lots of ring flights in the last 25 years. THis is the BEST ring flight for a real worker bar none!

Thank you again,

Brent Gregory
, Professional Magician

Hi Dave,

I have been using your key for a couple of months now and I have to say that it is the best money can buy. It has been smooth and reliable EVERY time and I feel 100% confident every time I use it. 

Once again, thank you for inventing this wonderful prop and hopefully it will give me many years of 'miracles'!
Mike Davis

Hi Dave, 

Arrived today... 

This is the BEST ring flight i have ever used (and i have tried most!) this is now going to go straight into my walkabout and table performance. The construction and look is first class and i could not be happier! Great instruction on the DVD as well. Thank you for sharing such a high class piece of magic with the community! 

Best wishes 

Stephen Ward

Dear David,

Fantastic piece of work you have here! I generally don't perform magic anymore, but finding out about your RFR, I couldn't resist (being the owner of an Audi). I, like you, have been a discntented fan of the RF effect for many years, an I must say, your model is not only the best I have ever come across, it will make me want to perform this effect at those perfect moments. Thank yu for your persistence and for quality and and good craftsmanship!

Best regards,

Alain Nu


First off, I want to say that you made one hell of a prop for Intimate Close Up Theatre! From your site to your packaging you are first class all the way my man! Your DVD is very thereof! It coverseverything! You left nothing out! I love that!

I took it out for a test drive at a corporate walk around gig the other night and when the lady pulled on it and took off her ring, a magician across from her was blown away screaming like a lil girl. He later walked over to me and said I know about Ring Flights but yours is TOTALLY impossible! Thanks to Dave! You made me look like a superstar! The guy was also a CEO too!

I owned EVERY Ring Flight on the market, I loved the Rinky Dinky concept and I went through bunch of them. I'm glad you took it to the next level! I wish EVERY manufacture could be professional like you!

Ray, Lum
Lum Entertainment Group

Hi Dave,

WOW!!!! Awesome prop. You have really made something that is just genius!

Put up your price – we don’t want too many magicians is this stuff!
Matt Hollywood


I received the Ring Flite Revolution in the mail the other day and have to say, it is extremely well made and just a beautiful effect overall. You should be very proud of what you have accomplished here. 

While I imagine the price tag will keep this from being a mega-seller, I guess one upside is that we won't be seeing ten-year-olds doing it on YouTube! :-)

I can imagine the RFR lasting a lifetime and even though I don't perform as often as I used to, my guess is that it will hold up well no matter how often it gets used.

Anyway, thank you SO much for coming up with this and making it available. You are quite a talented man and I wish you all the best with this new and improved effect. 


Rick Bagley

Hi Dave
Thanks very much for the DVD and S-Biner clip which arrived over the weekend. The DVD is brilliant, and even though I've been using it for a few months now, I found the FAQs really helpful, especially the bit about doing it with two rings, I'll be giving that a go asap! I've been using your ring flight a lot, you really are making the best on the market, having now had a chance to see some other local magicians ring flights. There really is no comparison, yours is in a league of its own, congratulations and every success to you.

Warmest Regards 

Richard Young


I received your DVD last night. I was so impressed I thought would write you a note to tell you how excellent the DVD is. I think it is exceptionally well done and covers virtually everything one needs to know about your product. In fact, I just watched the section on “Increasing/decreasing line torque” which is the question you were kind enough to answer in my prior email. After watching this section, I made the adjustment to my RFR in less than 3 minutes!

Thank you for putting together such a thorough DVD on RFR. It is extremely well thought out and very helpful and enhances the value of your idea materially.

Gary Mandelblatt

Hey David,

The ring flight has arrived! Well I picked it up from the post office.

"Fantastic! Best ring flight around.
Straight into my show to replace rinkey. Smooth with perfect tension and arriving 'good to go' is a great bonus."

Steve Dela

Hi Dave 

I just wanted to thank you for your excellent super fast service, I received your Ring Flight Revolution first thing yesterday (Saturday) and I am really pleased with it. 

The gimmick is far superior to any other product on the market (I've tried a few) and yourattention to detail is top notch. 

I had chance to use it at a job last night and it worked like a dream, got some great reactions too.

Once again many thanks and I look forward to using it for many years to come.

Best wishes

Andy Taylor

Hi Dave,

Just a quick line to let you know the Ring Flight arrived yesterday - WOW! It truly is a brilliant piece of kit, very well made, very sturdy and a breeze to use. Ive always been put off by ringflights in the past... but I can just tell it will feature regularly!!!

Once again, thanks so much - I look forward to your future offerings to the magic community!!


Mark Waddington

Hi Dave

The Ring Flight arrived this morning. Thank you so much indeed for such a fantastic finished product. I am stunned at the quality of the finish considering the uncertainty of whether it could be done at all.

I can't wait to start playing with it. The DVD was also very helpful indeed especially your live performances in the real world which filled me with confidence with regards to linking it onto the clip, just like you said, it went totally over their heads! I have never performed ring flight in my act before as I never liked the key case.

Kind Regards 

Richard Young

A massive massive congratulations on the ring flight. I absolutely LOVE it!

The best I have seen - totally unique!

Chris Harding

Hello David,

I received my RFR gimmick onWednesday and let me tell you, it is AWESOME, I have performed it three times already, I have never owned a ring flight before but the concept behind your set-up is great it looks so natural and you will always have it with you at a moments notice for those "Show me a trick" moments. You have yourself a prize winning product here.

Jabaric Thomas

Dear David,

The RFRs arrived today in tip-top shape. I appreciate the super-fast service. By far the best ring flight I have ever seen or used, looking forward to ordering more in the future as backups!

Thanks again.

Lawrence Sullivan


A quick note to let you know that the keys arrived this morning - they look fantastic, and I'm really looking forward to trying it out.

All the best,

Lee Warren

Hi David

Got to use the Ring Flight last weekend -- fantastic reactions!


Adam George

Good Morning Dave,

I just thought I would send you a quick email to let you know that I received the ring flight this morning and immediately love it. It really is everything one could want from a ringflight gimmick; ease of use, unsuspicious, easy to fix and I especially love the cheeky lock mechanism.

Neil Edwards

Hi David, 

First of all I received today the two keys... They are incredible ! Thank you, and I gave the like to your website to 10 French magiciens... Hope they will do an order...

Nikola Pelletier

Hi Dave

Just got the ring flight in the mail. What a wonderful piece of kit! I've tried them all, including Rinkey Dinkey and Biro / Popper's expensive piece of nonsense that can only be performed for the deaf & blind. Yours is way ahead of anything out there.

Best Wishes

Peter Duffie

Over the years I've owned most Ring Flight that ever came on the market, except Pete Biros (Just in Case).
Yours is the best there is. I'm very happy with my purchase.. You could have charged $200 andwould still worth the money.

Thanks Dave

Richard Lyn

Nice one Dave

I love this little thing, especially how "natural" it looks, I changed the clip but other than that I've very very happy. At the end of the month I'll wing you a positive review on the forum as promised and make payment.

Rob Brown

I have been using this now for over two months and I'm getting great reactions I love this ring flight. The ring flight revolution is the best on the market.
I highly recommend this to anyone who does any kind of ring flight. Throw those old ring flights away and buy the ring flight revolution.

Keep the up good work Dave.
Darren Snelgar

Its The Best and I use it regular in My performance. It's a true worker.

Thank you
Hanno Rhomberg

Got the RFR today!! (05/11/09). 

What a piece of work, Dave. More than I expected. Just beautiful.

Bobby Drake

Hi Dave, 

Ring Flight received yesterday - thanks for your fast delivery! 

Must say this is the nicest Ring Flight I have seen - just after my head, super!

 Am already looking forward to the weekend, where I must have it. 

Have a good day. 


Birger Vest

Hi Dave,
Received the Ring flight today. Wow...nice little gem. I've never spent $200 on a single effect before but jeez is it worth it. Thank you very much for a fantastic ring flight that I can see myself using over and over again. I've already tried it on my wife and she (a very keen observer) couldn't see the "move". :D Can't see myself needing to get any other ring flights out there. I was actually initially thinking of using it as my normal keychain so I have a miracle to perform anytime.
Soo Wee Ong

Hi David

Just want to thank you for the very fast delivery and the very nice RF.
Got in last Friday and worked with it thisweekend. Works great :)

Best regards

Hans Lindström

Hi Dave,
Received ring flight today WOW thought the first one was good but this one is super smooth and quiet, even more impressed.
Rowland Valentine

Hi Dave,

Just to let you know the ring flight and envelopes arrived today.

It’s great to know there are fantastic products being made, I’ve been looking a life time for a good ring flight now the search is over!

Many thanks for your great service and help.

All the best,


I received it today. WOW. I have owned a million ring flights and this is the best. 

Edmund Apperson

Hi Dave,
Been spending some time with RFR over the last few weeks, and finally introduced it into my act on Saturday night and the reactions I received were all I could have hoped for. The RFR is so smooth in operation, and as you say on the DVD you need to spend a little time on the operation, particularly the hook up onto the lobster clip, but its time well spent. I will certainly be recommending the RFR.
Many thanks for all your help.
Best regards,
John Neiass

Hey David!
I received my RFR today. It's the Toyota key and I love it. The quality is far better than i imagined.
Michael Storz

Hi Dave,
I received my RFR sets in yesterday's post. I have spent the last few hours becoming intimately acquainted with what will become one of my favorite props! Your attention to detail in the DVD is tremendous. I really think that you have covered every topic of concern. You are a good craftsman, as well. The quality of the set is, unquestionably, "top shelf". The inclusion of the various clasps adds great value.
Paul Green

I purchased the Ford ring flight and this is the BEST ring flight money can buy. Having been a professional for a number of years i have used many different flights but none can compare to this version. I use this all the time and it never lets me down. Great quality and a great product that is a must buy.
Stephen Ward

Hi, Dave...
Bobby Drake here...
I just have to say more!!! I sent Dave, my own Honda Key Fob, and he made it "Custom" for me! Nobody else on the planet has my RFR! This is sure to be a reputation maker! I've had the old wallet types, Rinky, and even Departure. But this is a real quality workmanship! And your routine with the "Ring" in the Wallet Blew me away! Your DVD explanation, your 2 year guarantee I just can't say enough! I look forward to more quality products from Dave Bonsall! Thank, you, thank you! And a special shout out to Stan Allen for the review of RFR in Magic Magazine!

Bobby Drake