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Accomplice by Danny Weiser & David Regal
Accomplice by Danny Weiser & David RegalAccomplice by Danny Weiser & David Regal

Accomplice by Danny Weiser & David Regal

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David Regal presents Danny Weiser's ACCOMPLICE

ACCOMPLICE is a customizable utility gimmick that allows the performer to perform a variety of effects with playing cards:
FIND A CARD after the deck has been cased and pocketed
TRANSPORT A SIGNED CARD from one place to another
PENETRATE A CARD through the surface of a table
The comprehensive video instructions feature both simple effects for the beginner as well as more advanced routines. You can choose to perform effects that are virtually automatic or combine the power of ACCOMPLICE with sleight of hand techniques. The gimmick is both fully seen and invisible. And best of all, when you are done with it, it can VANISH - leaving the deck, the signed card, and the card box all fully examinable.

Use your favorite brand of cards - ACCOMPLICE can be tailored to work with the vast majority of card designs.

Here's what people are saying about ACCOMPLICE:

"Great tool. Great magic. Great idea." - R. Paul Wilson
"It's not fair. A gimmick like this shouldn't be allowed to happen. It's too good. Too easy. Too clean!' - Jonathan Levit
"I was fooled badly. This thing is slick! Accomplice is a versatile secret weapon that allows for incredibly clean card magic." - Caleb Wiles
"I had the pleasure of watching David perform this over a zoom session, and it absolutely floored me." - John Guastaferro
"A devious and practical tool for the closeup worker!" - Luke Dancy



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