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Flexion by Jon Allen
Flexion by Jon AllenFlexion by Jon AllenFlexion by Jon AllenFlexion by Jon AllenFlexion by Jon Allen

Flexion by Jon Allen

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Two keys are initialled and held by someone in their closed, cupped hands. They concentrate all their energies onto one of them. Upon opening their hands they find their chosen key is now bent and can be kept as a souvenir of a very personal experience.
Employing a gimmick hidden in plain sight, you can bend keys at anytime. No need for a jacket, long sleeves or pockets. There is nothing to ditch or conceal.
The instructional DVD also contains a second powerful routine created by Jon Allen and Gregory Wilson... and a devastating yet impromptu short-term method for bending a key using no gimmicks whatsoever!
Come complete with precision-made gimmick, Sharpie pen, DVD and practice keys.
"This entire package is first rate and I’ll sum it all up in one word: Brilliant." 
Matthew Field, The Magic Circular Magazine 1/17/2011



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