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Sweet Explosion by Snake & John Byng
Sweet Explosion by Snake & John ByngSweet Explosion by Snake & John Byng

Sweet Explosion by Snake & John Byng

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NEWS Triple helix had a child!

An organic version with innovative design and nothing looks like it "came from a magic shop". A product that is easy to recognize by the audience.

Have the power to suddenly appear 2 boxes of different flavors and brands in your hands. It looks like a camera trick but it's not, the magic happens in microseconds. Also as you saw in the video, you can use only 1 gimmick and two full boxes of gum will appear!

Enjoy the looks when they say "How did you do that" and apply it as a hopping half technique, comedy show, pop up magic, opener show and for your social media... wherever you want JUST DO IT !

Includes 2 gimmicks that you can use together or one at a time... it's up to you.

We give you 2 additional items (5gum / Juicy fruit) so you can build a new gimmick or use it to restore it.
Don't worry, I will teach you in detail over-the-shoulder camera-shootings how to use it and how to perform it.

Gimmick included & online instructions by sections.



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