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Cool C.A.T.S by Matthew Wright and Toby Davies

Cool C.A.T.S by Matthew Wright and Toby Davies

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Learn card sleights that you've always wanted to perform! 

Cool C.A.T.S. is a collection of Cop And Tenkai Sleights brought to you by Matthew Wright and Toby Davies. With over an hour of detailed instruction showcasing some of the most visual and useful controls, productions, vanishes, and changes, Cool C.A.T.S. is a must-have for any card enthusiast. 

Featuring never-before-taught techniques directly from Matthew's three-time FISM award winning act, you can follow along with both verbal and silent over-the-shoulder "super practice" sessions. These help you master the moves in super quick time. The DVD includes moves such as: 

  • Tenkai Palm 
  • Tenkai Palm Production 
  • Tenkai Palm Vanish 
  • Multiple Productions 
  • Two Handed Multiple Productions 
  • Figaro Transfer 
  • Figaro Switch 
  • Figaro Card Shatter 
  • The Basic Cop 
  • Cop Switch 
  • Cop Turnover 
  • Cop Utility Move 
  • Cop Bold Move 
  •, many more! 

Cool C.A.T.S. also includes the opening to Matthew's FISM act itself... The Marvelous 3 Ace Trick. 

This DVD will teach you how to master these sleights.



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