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The Real Deal by Jeff Lianza

The Real Deal by Jeff Lianza

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"Jeff's work on deception with playing cards is as fluid, practiced, and confident as anybody could wish to achieve.His teaching is exemplary and his ability is without a doubt one of the best I've ever witnessed."

- Daniel Madison, deception artist

"Jeff Lianza is an excellent card mechanic. If you have ever wanted to learn false deals, this is one the the best places to start. Great executions and crystal clear instructions: without a question, the Real Deal."

- Antonio Zaccaro, magician, author finding the center

"Jeff's teaching on the DVD is second to none. It's clear, concise and each part of each move is broken down to it's elementary form. If you're looking to learn false dealing on video, I have no problem recommending this DVD as the perfect redsourse for the beginner and the pro alike."

- Dee Christopher, paranormal artist


- The Bottom Deal

- The Greek Deal

- The Center Deal

- The Second Double Deal

- The Strike Deuce

- The Push Off Second Deal

Heavily influenced by some excellent cardmen and mentored by a card cheat, I discovered my techniques though practicing passioonately. I have siccessfully developed my own method, and still achieved the same result.

- Jeff Lianza



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