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The Inception of Dove Magic by Kun Yi Lin

The Inception of Dove Magic by Kun Yi Lin

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Kun-Yi Lin, Champion of Taiwan Magic Seminar 2011, is advancing dove magic to a new level. His creativity and skill were admired by master magician Lu Chen and Mirko in the famous TV program "Magic Idol", where he won the Grand Prix.

In this instructional DVD, Kun-Yi Lin explains the details of dove production from basic to advanced. You can easily understand how to select doves, preparation, and training for dove productions. As a bonus in this DVD, he reveals the secret or returning doves. Weather you are a beginner or expert, this DVD will be the best choice for you.


  • Dove Selection - Feeding - Basic Training 
  • Dove Gimmick - Tailcoat - Dove Vest 
  • Demo Routine 
  • Basic Glove to Dove 
  • Kun's Glove to Dove 
  • Basic Dove Production 
  • Basic Mixed silk to Dove 
  • Kun's mixed silk to Dove 
  • Cane to Dove 
  • Candle to Dove 
  • Balloon to Dove 
  • Dove Split 
  • Dove to Confetti

How to Train Dove to return.



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