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The Money Deck by Nick Einhorn and PropDog

The Money Deck by Nick Einhorn and PropDog

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The Money Deck by Nick Einhorn, is an innovative and visual way to produce four coins from a spread of cards.  This is an effect that Nick has talked about and demonstrated in his lectures for years, but it always required you to make up a gimmicked deck yourself.

Well Nick and PropDog have teamed up and we now produce the deck for you, so you're ready to go in minutes, all you need are some coins and an hour to sit down and learn from Nick just how he performs this lovely effect.  Nick also teaches a basic, but amazing Matrix routine and a deck swtch as part of the tutorial and with Nick's expert tuition, you're bound to pick up some great tips as well as a great new routine.

So if you're looking for a stunning, visual way to transition from a card routine to a coin routine, especially if it's a matrix routine, then look no further, The Money Deck is the trick for you!

You get one gimmicked deck in red or blue, a small bag of fanning powder (should you need) it and a link to an online tutorial video.

The ideal coins to use for this deck are Half Dollars, Old English Pennies, but if you want the gimmick to fit larger or smaller coins, or if you require this deck to be made from a deck, other than Bicycle, then please email us at, listing your requirements, we can make a custom deck for you.

Please note that our packaging for this trick is 100% recycled material.



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