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Invisible Deck Kicker by David Penn
Invisible Deck Kicker by David PennInvisible Deck Kicker by David Penn

Invisible Deck Kicker by David Penn

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Use this custom printed deck as an INCREDIBLE follow up to ‘Invisible Deck’ or as a stand alone routine.

The ’52 on 1 Card’ has always been a great gag but David Penn has turned this gag into a fully routined miracle! A miracle that happens in your spectator’s hands.

Under test conditions, one card is place on the hand of your spectator. They are asked to name ANY card. You explain that if the freely named card is on the other side of the card in their hand then they need to get you a drink. They take that bet!

When they turn over the card and discover the ’52 on 1 Card’ it’s a great gag. Then ’52 on 1 Card’ is placed either face up or face down on the spectator’s hand. 

Under impossible conditions, the card they freely name turns over, not in the deck, IN THE PICTURE on the card that they have been holding the entire time.

You will never get offered so many free drinks!

Brand new from the creator of Coinvexed, Mystery Solved, Topit 180 and The Gimmicked 52-1 Deck, this is INVISIBLE DECK KICKER by David Penn.


"Invisible deck has always been one of the strongest effects for a magician and it’s about to be even stronger with this!" - PATRICK KUN

"The 52 on 1 card brought up to date with some strong magic by David! Very cool! 52 Thumbs Up!" - ANGELO CARBONE

"The Invisible Deck Kicker is KICKASS!" - LUKE DANCY

"Sometimes a magic trick comes along in which you say, "That makes so much sense! Yes. Yes. Yes. I need this!" That just happened to me. David Penn made that happen today. His new effect has taken an old standby gag and he has turned it into a strong piece of magic that will make your audiences smile, think and say, “NO WAY!" This is great fun and I'll be adding this into my pocket immediately." - JONATHAN LEVIT

"I NEED this now!" - ERIC OLSON


Printed on Red Rider back Bicycle cards



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