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Velvet Drawstring Pouches/Bags


These velvet pouches are ideal for protecting your magic props.  The following are just a few examples of kind of props/gimmicks you can protect with a drawstring pouch:

Omni Decks
Re-Maxed Isolation
Chop Cups
Coins and Jumbo Coins
Coinvexed Gimmicks
Mystery Solved/3Sixty/Paragon or similar boxes
Boston/Okito/Buddha Boxes
Ring Flights
Flash Products and Ignitors
Moby Decks
Impossible Penetration Decks
Steel Nuts for Rope, Nut, Knot
Final Loads
Gimmicked Riings
3 Shell Games
Bottle Through Table Gimmicks
Rubiks Cubes
Metal Bending Props such as Physic Bottle Opener or PSI Key 
Wire Grams
Silk to Egg Gimmicks 
Vernet Invisible Hand and Accessories 
Thumb Writers

Plus, many, many other props and gimmicks

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