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Cobra Vectra Reel Programmable Timer Module by Steve Fearson

Cobra Vectra Reel Programmable Timer Module by Steve Fearson

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Automate your Cobra with the brand new Programmable Timer Module!

About the size of a deck of playing cards, the timer can be set to activate the reel when you want, run the motor for as long as you need and then turn the reel off... automatically!

But that's not all. This secret assistant can be programmed to wait until the time is right and then do it all over again, as many times as you wish, allowing for performance possibilities limited only by your imagination.

EASY On-Board Programming (No PC or technical knowledge required)
Lighted LCD Screen
Optional Audio Countown
Expansion Port (Allows you to control the unit with other Cobra switches or modules)

The module can be hidden away in a remote location with the Cobra or worn on your person. You can activate it secretly and then focus all your attention on your performance as the module does it's magic. The program can be as simple as waiting until your performance is complete and then retracting your thread or something more complex like animating multiple objects in a sequence, as shown in this diabolical performance video.

The video is an excerpt from a youtube video aimed at the layman, who readily accept the inexplicable performance as a genuine telekinetic demonstration. That's how powerful this device and is.

The module features an expansion port which allows you to connect any of the Cobra switches, extension cables and even other modules, like the soon to be released remote control module. This opens the door to virtually unlimited possibilities!

The on-board programming makes setting up easy, and you can change the program on the fly since you don't have to connect to a pc. There's also no need to learn any type of programming language. Just a few clicks on the keypad is all it takes and thanks to the lighted LCD screen you can do it in the dark!

Your package includes the Programmable Timer Module and access to an online tutorial video with routine ideas from Steve Fearson. Requires a Vectra Cobra Reel, sold separately.

The Cobra Timer Module uses two AAA batteries, included in your package.



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