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Glass, Bottle, Liquid Related Products


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Rattled by Dan Hauss presented by Paul Harris
Toastmaster - Wolfgang Moser
Astonishing Bottle - João Miranda and Ramon Amaral
Bologna Glass Regular
Bologna Glass Small
Bottled by Taiwan Ben
Broken & Restored Wine Glass Gimmick - PropDog
Card Under Glass by Doc Eason
Leap - Agus Tjiu
Nielsen Bottle Through Table
Nielsen Vanishing Coke Bottle - Empty (British Style)
Perrier with a Twist by Kevin James - Cut Bottle Gimmicks
Shattered by Scott Alexander and Nielsen Magic
Splash Bottle 2.0 by David Stone - Gimmick & Routines
Mirror Glass PRO - Bazar De Magia
Evaporation by Louie Foxx
Victorian Coins and Glass by Kainoa Harbottle and Kozmomagic
Exquisite by Michael Ammar and Losander
Vertigo Prediction by Bazar de Magia
Folding Coin - Double - 10p
Folding Coin - Double - 2p
Folding Coin - Single - 2p
Folding Coin - Single - 50p
Bottle Through Table Gimmick - Individual Gimmick
Bottle Through Table Gimmick - pack of all 3 colours
Water Works by Uday Jadugar & Paul Harris Presents
Self Adhesive Teflon Discs for Tuc Coins and Slippery Shells
Boulevard 54 - Glass Breaking Device - Bazar De Magia
Folding Coin - 2 Euros (Traditional) by Tango Magic - (E0064)
Glass Box Revisited Book by Devin Knight - ebook - DOWNLOAD
Hydrostatic Glass by Bazar de Magia
Las Vegas Glasses by Dick Stoner
Liquid & Haunted Bottle by Arnel Renegado - Video DOWNLOAD
Liquid Transmutation by Dan Alex - Video DOWNLOAD
Manoj Bottle - Manoj Kaushal
Mini Glass Breaker
Miracle Wonder Glass Large (Washable) - Mr Magic
Multiplying Bottles (Pro Series Vol 2) by Paul Romhany - eBook DOWNLOAD
Pop Change by Julio Montoro and SansMinds
Premium Vanishing and Appearing Wine Bottle
Refraction by David Penn video DOWNLOAD
Slush Powder Book
Souvenir by Henri White
Super Aerial Glass by Wil Golden
Super Latex Sports Drink - Empty
Super Latex Sports Drink - Full
Super Latex Sports Drink - Half
World's Greatest Magic - Folding Coin in Bottle
Tango Folding Coin 2 Euro Internal System by Tango
Coke Bottle - Extra Label
Extra Shot by Bill Abbot
Nielsen Vanishing Becks Beer Bottle
Nielsen Vanishing Becks Beer Bottle - Extra Label
Nielsen Vanishing Carlsberg Beer Bottle
Nielsen Vanishing Carlsberg Beer Bottle  - Extra Label
Nielsen Vanishing Champagne Bottle
Nielsen Vanishing Coke Bottle - Full (British Style)
Nielsen Vanishing Tomato Ketchup Bottle
Nielsen Vanishing Wine Bottle
Rocco's Glass Dropper by Rocco Silano
Rocco's Glass Holder by Rocco Silano
Slush Powder 2oz/57grams
Sure Shot by Scott Alexander
Sympathetic Ten by Jörg Alexander
The New Bottle Book by Nielsen Magic
Anything Is Possible Bottle
Spare Rubber Bands for Flipper coins & Folding coins
Bottle Production by David Penn
Super Coke (Full) by Twister Magic
Super Latex Brown Beer Bottle (half) by Twister Magic
Super Latex Brown Beer Bottle(Empty) by Twister Magic