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MOJOE 2.0 by John Kennedy
MOJOE 2.0 by John Kennedy

MOJOE 2.0 by John Kennedy

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"The effect speaks for itself: A full cup of hot coffee vanishes without a trace. And the method is just as exciting!" -Gregory Wilson

"Mojoe is easy to do, packs small, and plays BIG!" -Cyril Takayama

"Completely fooled me. Brilliant effect with an ingenious gimmick." -Chris Smith

"This is the most visual coffee shop magic trick I've ever seen." -Alvo Stockman

If you don't already know, MOJOE by John Kennedy is a masterpiece. 

1. Hold an extra large FULL cup of coffee, uncovered in your hands. 
2. Then simply turn it upside down without spilling a DROP.
3. Now the best part: YOU CRUSH THE CUP AND THROW IT AWAY. 

The coffee is completely GONE.

You're in a coffee shop, relaxing with friends and sipping your favorite cup of joe. You're waiting until the moment is just right for some...

MOJOE! "Watch," you say as you hold the coffee cup between your hands. Suddenly you turn it upside down and then crush it!

Total shock and fear ensue as everyone tries to escape the eruption of hot liquid. Moments later, in a stunned condition, they realize that the coffee has completely disappeared and that they have been very, very badly fooled!

With MOJOE you can make coffee vanish or even change into something else, like coffee beans! It works with paper cups (like Starbucks® coffee cups) and also ceramic cups. MOJOE also works with different drinks like Coke®, milk, etc.

MOJOE sets up in seconds and the durable gimmick lasts for years! You will receive the revolutionary MOJOE gimmick along with a DOWNLOAD video teaching John Kennedy's favorite vanishes and changes.

BONUS: You'll also be able to sample a fine roast of Gregory Wilson's brilliant presentation for MOJOE - it's included!

Ladies and gentlemen, it doesn't get any better than this! 

Review from Tom Olcott

As I stand in the meeting to make an announcement, I take one last sip of coffee and “accidentally” spill a few drops. Then in my consternation, I mistakenly flip the cup over in my left hand – everyone is astounded, gasping, and perplexed!

With a few polite words, I express my anger at the cup and crush it between my hands. People, gasping, jump backward. Wow! Did you see that! This guy has “Mojoe” all over him, but not a drop of the full cup is left. Smiles and laughter break out. Disbelief abounds. This trick is so easy to perform its almost unbelievable to the magician that no-one – not one person catches on. Set up is easy. Practice, while important, is actually minimal. And with your set up cup of coffee or cola – you are ready in one minute to carry your cup of amazement into the center of any crowd. 

“Mojoe” works from any angle of sight and astounds the most skeptical. After the first two experiments with the gimmick, the magician is ready for show time and lots of fun with any audience even if they don’t expect a show. A good way to loosen up a crowd – no need to clean up any spills - there are none. But where did that full cup of coffee go – only you and “Mojoe” know.

A little pricy – until you perform the trick – and then you know you got more than your money’s worth. I give this one six stars ****** - Way beyond excellent! -- Tom Olcott

Includes the NEW AND IMPROVED Mojoe gimmick and instructional DOWNLOAD that will teach you how to use this clever little gimmick.



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