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Sherpa - Pen Covers

The Sherpas are a well known community that have helped make history by guiding several adventure seekers to the top of Mt. Everest. Sherpas have the unique ability to withstand high altitudes and its effects. This community has acclimated itself throughout the years to the unusual conditions that occur while climbing a massive mountain. Just as the thrill seeking hiker needs a guide to climb Mt. Everest, the Sherpa pen guides your writing instrument to the next level. 

Introduced in 2008, the Sherpa is a unique pen shell that holds a variety of disposable pens and markers including Sharpie, Pilot pen, uni-ball pens and Accent highlighters as its refill. Sherpa comes in many different styles for you to enjoy. Each Sherpa is designed with an innovative cap to keep the color of your marker or pen bold and fresh every time.

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Sherpa - Silver Bullet
Sherpa Through Anything
Executive Ultimate Sherpa - Black Chevron
Executive Ultimate Sherpa - Black Diamond
Executive Ultimate Sherpa - Blue
Special Edition Sherpa - Baseball
Special Edition Sherpa - Crocodile
Special Edition Sherpa - Leopard
Special Edition Sherpa - Tiger
Special Edition Sherpa - Dog
Sherpa - Back in Black
Sherpa - Back in Black 2
Sherpa - Brushed Gun Metal
Sherpa - Brushed Silver
Sherpa - Camo
Sherpa - Candy Stripes
Sherpa - Circuit Board
Sherpa - City Lights
Sherpa - Flames
Sherpa - Golfing Buddy
Sherpa - Hearts a Flutter
Sherpa - Midnight
Sherpa - Mr. Pinstripe
Sherpa - Mr. Pinstripe 2
Sherpa - Mr. Tuxedo
Sherpa - Music Notes
Sherpa - Ole Glory
Sherpa - Pearl
Sherpa - Polka Polka
Sherpa - Rings
Sherpa - School
Special Edition Sherpa - Wedding Set