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As every professional knows, a magic performance isn't just about the magic, it has to be entertaining!  In this section, you'll find a range of comedy props guaranteed to get laughs in every performance!

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Bonsall's Little Bird - by PropDog
Squidgy Brick by PropDog
Throwing Brick by PropDog
A4 Tear/No Tear Pad (Alternating) by Alan Wong
Tear/No Tear Pad (Alternating) by Alan Wong 3.5" x 3.5"
Sponge Viagra (4.5in /2pk) by Alan Wong
Jumbo Chrome Wedding Band/Ring - Curved
Jumbo Chrome Wedding Band/Ring - Flat (Small)
Jumbo Diamond Ring 32mm
Bullshit Repellent
Cockroach Catcher by Brian Watson
Credit Card Strip Sticker by Dave Bonsall (for Brad Manuel's Credit Card Fraud)
Dave Bonsall's Litte Hand Gimmick - Custom Coloured
Dave Bonsall's Little Hand Gimmick
Latex Vanishing Dove by Twister Magic
Multiplying Bananas (5 pieces)
Priceless by Michel Huot and Richard Sanders
Side Splitters (Spiral Bound) by Aldo Colombini
The Ladybug by Hugo Valenzuela
The Web by Jim Pace
Neck Cracker by Alan Wong
Budget Fake Comedy Tongue
Replacement nut for Rope, Nut & Knot - Large by PropDog
Replacement nut for Rope, Nut & Knot - Small - by PropDog
Breakaway Flower by Alan Wong
Klaus the Mouse by Card-Shark
My Silly Tricks by Hector Mancha
Nielsen Latex Canary
Nielsen Latex Dove
Sharpee by Peter Eggink and Magic from Holland
Zipper Gag Bag by Ickle Pickle
Comedy Pill Tubs - Viagra
Comedy Pill Tubs - Rohypnol
Comedy Pill Tubs - Wife Vanishing Pills
Other Random Pill Tubs
Comedy Pill Tubs - Mixed Label
Comedy Long Card
Comedy Mini Wallet
Plastic Flies
Prediction Toilet - Comedy Squirting Toilet
Ding Dong by Goshman