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Tony Clark: Timing Is Everything T. Clark

Tony Clark: Timing Is Everything T. Clark

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For World Class magician Tony Clark, being the last student of the Master Slydini for over two years was not only an extraordinary learning experience, but also a lifesaving event. On a live-formatted lecture, theatrically filmed in Hollywood, California, Tony shares his experiences with Slydini. He demonstrates and explains beautiful effects and routines with constant emphasis on timing, misdirection, and off-beat principles as taught to him by Slydini. Tony feels these priceless tools and techniques are sure to enhance your close-up, stand-up, or stage routines.


  • Jumbo Coin Routine 
  • Knife Swallowing 
  • Helicopter Card 
  • Coins Through Table Routine 
    (Coins Through Table, Wrong Way Coins, Coins Across, The one Coin Routine) 
  • Homing Matches 
  • Sweet Return 
  • Paper Balls & Rings in Box (performance only) 


  • Slydini's Revolve Vanish 
  • Imp-Pass move 
  • Lapping Techniques 
  • Curled Wrist Techniques 
  • Pivot Vanish 
  • Horizontal Pivot Transfer 
  • Melt Away Vanish 
  • Table Top Change 

Bonus Material:

  • Slydini Photo Album 
  • Slydini Television Appearance 
  • Slydini "Touch of Life"



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