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Already used by Top Professionals from around the globe, such as:

Lance Burton, Pete Firman, Martin Sanderson, Jamie Raven, Etienne Pradier, Alan Hudson, Rob James, Mike Sullivan, John Archer, Jon Allen, Paul Nardini, David Willmot, Zane, Peter Nardi, Tom Rose, Nigel Mead, Pit Hartling, Thomas Fraps, Paul Martin, Noel Qualter, Pete Wardell, Spencer Wood, Chris Congreave, Dr Todd Landman, Seth Kramer, Rob Fox, Steve Dela, Trevor Liley, Mike Davis, Will Gray, Sam Fitton and many others.

“Dave just wanted to take a minute to say how wonderful your envelopes are they are so easy to use and load into to my wallet. I highly suggest them to anyone doing an object to wallet. Having the item end up in a sealed envelope that you can have the spectator open is very powerful magic.” Lance Burton

These envelopes, affectionately named Bonsalopes by the London magic community, are custom made to use with a standard ‘object to sealed envelope, inside a wallet’ type routine that many magicians perform. They are recommended for use in the following wallets:

Jerry O’Connell Large Plus Wallet – Large size Bonsalope
Jerry O’Connell Small Plus Wallet – Medium size Bonsalope
Harry Robson HOW Wallet – Medium size Bonsalope
The Rebel Note Wallet by Secret Tannery – Medium size Bonsalope
Harry Robson Instand Reset Wallet – Medium size Bonsalope
Russ Stevens ATW (anything to wallet) – Large size Bonsalope
Garnier Elite 3 Functions Wallet – Large and Medium size Bonsalope
Le Paul Wallet – Large size Bonsalope
Matthew Wright Fourseen Wallet – Medium size Bonsalope
Terry Seabrooke Wallet – Large size Bonsalope
Nick Einhorn’s Nest of Wallets – Extra Small size Bonsalope

All Bonsalopes are specially pre-prepared with a latex self seal adhesive on the inside of both end flaps. All you have to do is load them straight into your wallet. …no more endless pre-preparing with Copydex before every performance! The glue remains active for 9-12 months if kept in dry conditions.

Because they are pre-glued, to use them all you have to do is simply tuck the glued flap inside the envelope, insert between the tongues of your wallet and you’re ready to go. To seal it, just pinch the opening together as you remove the envelope. You can then give the envelope to the spectator to examine and then open. All envelopes are 120GSM thickness.