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This is a brand new website!

Dear Customer,

Welcome to our new website!! It still looks very much like the old one, but it is far better, with no bugs and keeps us up to date with the ever changing payment security protocols.

Being a brand new website unfortunately means that your old account no longer exists and will have to re-register your details to check out. I apologise for the inconvenience, but I had no way of transferring your account data over.

If you still have a valid gift voucher or if you think you still have some reward points, unfortunately these won’t work on the new site,
so please email me at and I’ll create a coupon code
for the value of your points or gift voucher.   I still have access to the old site data, so we can always check for you if you are unsure.

Once again ….I apologise for any inconvenience and thanks for sticking with us!