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Lolly Stick Wand
Lolly Stick WandLolly Stick Wand

Lolly Stick Wand

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The basic idea goes back to Boretti, the ingenious children's entertainer.

A classic magic wand (35 cm long, 1.8 cm diameter) is shown. The two ends are white, the middle part is black. No sooner have all spectators confirmed that a magic wand definitely looks like that, than one white end jumps to the other end. Now there are two ends at one end, and none at the other. We can't leave it like that. The second end is taken off and firmly fixed in the right place.
A magic wand with white ends and black in the middle. Just a moment later - there are two white ends at one end, none at the other. Again we firmly secure one white end in the right place. ...You already know what happens next - within seconds, one of the ends jumps to where it shouldn't be. (To be quite honest - you hardly have to do anything here, the end jumps from end to the other almost by itself, so that you can concentrate fully on your act. No covering up etc. is necessary.

A children's entertainer will recognize the potential at this point: The children will loudly point out the jumping end, offer tips for repairing the situation and scream when the wand is "wrong again". But even adults will get all excited because of the childish magic wand.

After the end has jumped back and forth several times, here comes the great finale:

The cheeky end piece is taken off, the stick is wrapped in a piece of paper, but in such a way that the other white end sticks out of the paper for checking purposes. The loose end then disappears and is to reappear in its rightful place with the help of a magic spell spoken by the children.

The magic wand is pulled from the paper - and has changed to a giant red and white lolly stick, to everybody's surprise. A fantastic, well-proven basic effect with an easy-to-perform, great climax which is new and unique.



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