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Coin UFO

Coin UFO

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***Please note: This trick requires 2 cent Euro coins to perform.***

You show a metal disk with a small, round recess on each side, one red, the other blue. On your table you have a suitable container (e.g. a saucer, ashtray or champagne glass) filled with 2 cent pieces. You take one of the coins, balance it on the tip of your finger and press it into the recess. You move your finger away from the disk, the coin has disappeared.

This is nothing special if it is done with one, three or five coins. But when it is the fifteenth or twenty-fifth coin which simply disappears into the endless space of your magical universe with the help of the Coin Ufo, it is amazing even for the biggest skeptics.  Naturally, you show the disk and your empty hands every now and then. You can repeat the disappearance as often as you like, you are not dependent on sleeve work, topits or secret compartments.
The trick is really child's play, astounding and convincing. You don't need to add or remove anything, the disk does the work for you, but can be examined nevertheless. The only difficult part of this trick going to the bank to change two or three euros for 2 cent pieces.



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