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Magic At The Bar by Chris Randall

Magic At The Bar by Chris Randall

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Magic at the Bar with Chris Randall. Learn killer magic to perform in front of or behind the bar

  • Desert Rose Torn and restored napkin rose.
  • 7 digits The greatest pick up trick ever !
  • The Exchange A spectators buisness card and the magicians card switch places in the spectators hands.
  • Coaster Card A selected card and a coaster switch places in an instant.
  • Moonshine A new twist on the old coin in bottle.
  • Vanishing bottle Chris' handling on the Neilson vanishing bottle.
  • Martini Chris' signature opener produce a martini piece by piece.
  • Champagne Ice cubes are produced from the air ending with a production of a bottle of champagne.

Running Time Approximately: 1hr 3min



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