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Wonder Pop by Gonçalo Gil and Danny Weiser

Wonder Pop by Gonçalo Gil and Danny Weiser

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The Wonder Pops sold by here, have been completely re-made by us here in the PropDog workshop, as the origionals had a few small issues with them and didn't last very long.  Now better than ever, this amazing effect is just perfect to wow those children at your table, with a giveaway at the end.  Here's the official description:

Make a lollipop appear from bubbles! 

The Magician explains that he's going to show how lollipops are made. He takes a bottle and blows through a circular ring to make some soap bubbles in round ball shapes. Magically he is able to catch one of the balls, as it has turned solid! He attaches the ball to a stick, he waves the stick, and visually it becomes a real lollipop that can be given to a member of the audience. 

Wonder Pop by Danny Weiser and Gonçalo Gil. Produced by Gee Magic. Created by Danny Weiser and Gonçalo Gil, Wonder Pop is geared mostly towards children.

  • Wonder Pop comes complete with all the gimmicks
  • It can be performed in close-up or stage work
  • Perfect for kids' performances
  • The lollipop can be given as a souvenir



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