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Walk on the Wild Side by Dan Harlan

Walk on the Wild Side by Dan Harlan

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Dan Harlan takes the classic Wild Card routine by Peter Kane off the table and into the spectators hands. The volunteer seemingly gets to handle all the cards making the effect much more powerful.

"I've been doing this trick for almost 40 years." -Tom Swirly

"Always been one of my favorite routines" - Dan Harlan

Pro card magicians know it's a jaw-dropper. And now, Dan Harlan has taken it to another level.

The routine is simple and the magic happens in their hands:

1. A bunch of identical cards are shown.
2. One by one, they visually change into a DIFFERENT card.
3. In the hands, with no cover, Dan Harlan's routine will have your spectators rubbing their eyes.

And it all ends up reset ready for the next performance!



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