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Utility Block Box by Tommy James

Utility Block Box by Tommy James

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A very magical addition to any die box or traveling block routine.

Do you perform the classic die box, ABC blocks or any type of traveling block routine in your shows? These type of effects are tried and tested routines performed in front of audiences for decades. These type of routines typically involve a solid block vanishing from one place and reappearing in a previously shown hat, paper bag etc. The only downside is once the dirty work has been done, the hat cannot be shown empty again until the block makes it's final appearance.

With the invention of this new utility box, the box may be shown empty right up until the very moment it reappears inside the box. To fully understand the workings of this new prop, please take a moment and view the video that describes the wonderful addition that this adds to a traveling block routine.

Box measures 5.5 X 5.5 X 6" high made of PVC and will last a lifetime.



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