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Vernet Universal Pull
Vernet Universal PullVernet Universal PullVernet Universal Pull

Vernet Universal Pull

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Vernet Universal Pull, shows a main difference with other pulls: whereas all the others only allow you to make a silk vanish, Vernet Universal Pull also allows you to make spoons, bills, coins, cigarettes, pens and many other items disappear. Its excusive design won it the Inventions First Prize during the Second Argentinean National Congress, in 1981.

Design and Color: The conical shape of this pull makes it absolutely anatomic so it can be easily and naturally palmed. On the other hand, its skin color makes it perfectly invisible.The cap: It is the most important element in this invention. It was made using a combination of plastic materials which guarantee its success. This material guarantees a perfect memory in such a way that the filaments will always go back to their original position. Besides, as the filaments have round ends, elements will be kept without being damaged.
This is not just another pull, this is the most powerful gimmick that allows you to perform miracle effects. The removable cover is the main important element it allows, by means of its design and special materials, to vanish many objects of different sizes and shapes.
An example of the objects that you can vanish with this device are: Sharpies, rolled up cards, forks, knives, teaspoons, sugar cubes, coins, keys and almost anything else you can fit within the mouth of the device.
Vernet product code: M-035



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