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Triple Prediction

Triple Prediction

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The magician hands out a pack of giant playing cards to have it checked and shuffled thoroughly and then gets it back from the audience.
The magician now puts individual cards on the table, the back of the cards facing upward, until  someone in the audience says “stop”. The card thus selected is put against a stand with the back of the card facing the audience.

Nobody, neither audience nor magician, can know what card it is. The procedure is repeated with two more members of the audience, so that three cards are propped against the stand.

No known trick principle such as prompting etc. is used in the selection of the cards. The magician turns the stand with the cards round and the audience sees that there is a clip with a folded note on the back of the stand.

A spectator takes the note from the clip, unfolds it and reads out the “prediction”. At the same time the magician removes the back panel of the stand so that the card faces now become visible. Everyone is surprised to see that the freely selected cards and the forecast are in perfect agreement.



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