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Top Hat Gag by Boretti

Top Hat Gag by Boretti

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Available at last. Boretti has decided to have this magic top hat produced by us under licence and has released it for sale.
He has had the top hat in his portfolio for years and doesn’t want to be without it.

What is a magic top hat?

Quite simply, you can have any object you like jump out of this hat. At any time and as often as you want.

You have just presented Jonathan the Caterpillar, for example. You put the apple that has appeared into the hat. Seconds later it flies out of the hat (see photo).
You catch the apple and put it back in the hat. It shoots out of the hat again. Suddenly, the apple turns into a banana. The banana then turns into a pear.

You can, of course, use any other objects you like.

  • Place your car key in the hat to make sure you don’t forget it and always know where to find it. No sooner have you done that – the key flies through the air. There are endless possibilities.You can even say the hat is a chocolate marshmallow thrower and then let the marshmallows be ejected. All the kids have to do is catch them. That’s great fun at every children’s party.
  • Other uses? How about filling the hat with confetti and allowing it to rain down on the children at a suitable moment.
  • Perform the card and rope trick but first allow all the cards to suddenly shoot out of the hat. This is the cheapest card fountain available.
  • The rope then finds the last card in the hat. Are you getting a feeling for the potential?

It’s true, this prop offers a whole range of possible tricks.

  • Let your Rocky Racoon eat out of the hat. This looks really funny when he bends over the edge of the hat. The hat seems to be empty, then suddenly a lettuce flies out.
  • Or you throw a number of loose candies into the hat. A few seconds later a whole necklace of candies flies from the hat.
  • Or you could integrate the hat in a “Paperballs over the head” routine. Even adults will laugh themselves silly.

There are no limits to your imagination.

We supply a top hat made of high quality plastic. It is equipped with a mechanism which you control. That means you alone decide when it should be activated.
No batteries. No resetting. Always ready for action.  Difficulty: zero.



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