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Throwing Hammer by PropDog
Throwing Hammer by PropDogThrowing Hammer by PropDogThrowing Hammer by PropDog

Throwing Hammer by PropDog

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The Throwing Hammer by PropDog is probably one of the most life-like imitation hammers you will ever find!  It's super lightweight, yet firm enough to throw and handle like a regular hammer.

Expertly hand crafted here in the PropDog workshop, each one has had meticulous care and attention to detail to ensure each one is as realistic as possible.  You also get an identical real hammer to match it.

They are made from a casting foam that has a skin on it to give it a smooth finish, so it's not squash-able like a sponge ball.  It has a rigid lightweight fibreglass rod going through the centre to give it stability and the shiny metal shaft is really just a chrome effect plastic sheath called a RadSnap, designed to make copper pipes look chrome, you can find these in most hardware stores should you ever need to replace it. This sheath gives the hammer even more stability, yet it remains so light, you can levitate it with invisible thread!

Both the fake and real hammer heads are then painted to match perfectly.

Having played around with these a lot over the last year of development, we've also discovered that if you stick a Fun Snap to the head of the sponge hammer and it something, you get a great sound effect like its a real one.




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