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TF DICE by Chris Wu
TF DICE by Chris WuTF DICE by Chris WuTF DICE by Chris WuTF DICE by Chris Wu

TF DICE by Chris Wu

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Every forcing dice I have seen has some draw back, Chris Wu's version is no different. It does work and uses a simple method to achieve the desired outcome but if you are looking for a 007 style gimmick this isn't it.

Before he got into magic, Chris Wu watched gambling movies, some of which contained a magical dice that would roll a specific number. When he fell in love with magic, he bought some forcing dice like he had seen in the films. Although he was impressed, he felt they were of limited use in magic because they cannot be examined by the audience and don't always roll correctly every time.

Chris set about creating a forcing dice perfect for magicians. The solution has been used before in similar ways for many years, which Chris doesn't credit and that is a shame.  The solution does meets Chris Wu's magician criteria:

1. Everything we use can be transparent, the dice is transparent, the cup is transparent, and the table can also be transparent. Completely broke the audience's doubts about the dice.

2. After you finish the performance, you can let the audience carefully check the dice (no exchange).

3. You can ask the audience to throw the dice into the cup and get the number you want. You can also let the audience shake the cup to get the number you want.

4. You can use this dice in the cup, on the table, in your hand. Of course, it works best in cups, and this applies to most cups.



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