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The 007 Pen by Steve Short

The 007 Pen by Steve Short

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It's a pen. It's a special pen - It's called The 007 Pen! Ideal for Table Hopping, Mix and Mingle and any close-up situation! The pen comes complete with a special set of Marked Cards PLUS comprehensive instructions for SIX EFFECTS! Additional ideas from Ian Adair An item that you can carry around with you at all times. This amazing pen can be used for predicting cards and can be used for great comic effect!

A unique pen that is capable of revealing images of chosen cards. It also has a built-in comedy feature.

Steve showed it to Johnny Hart and he thought it was an excellent close-up effect.

Supplied-A special pen. A set of six cards. Instructions for six routines.

Although the ball-point pen looks natural and ordinary, it has been cleverly gaffed. The pen can write, and you have an everyday item in your pocket which you can use when you need to present the effects.

The special pen is made so, when operated, it reveals the images of three different playing cards, with a ’52 in one’ gag image.

Running down one side of the pen is a thin metal strip, which, when pulled out, reveals a banner. This banner can be shown on one or both sides.

Side 1 displays the ’52 on 1’, but, when pulled out even further, reveals the image of the Five of Hearts playing card.  The opposite side of the banner, displays the images of two playing cards – the Seven of Diamonds, followed by the Ace of Spades.



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