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Steel Ball in Glass

Steel Ball in Glass

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Effects rarely convince both visually and acoustically! Here we have created such a masterpiece for you.

You show a black plastic plate with 5 small holes. The holes have a tiny diameter of 3 mm and the plate can be examined. Place a large, shiny steel ball 1 cm in diameter on the plate. It doesn't matter whether you use the middle or one of the four outer holes. It becomes clear to the audience: the holes are only there to form a small indentation so that the ball, carefully balanced on the plate, does not roll down. The ball, which is more than three times the size, definitely doesn't fit through the holes!

Carefully place the plate and the ball on a drinking glass. You take a card from your Bicycle game and dab it briefly on the steel ball. At the same time, this visually penetrates the plastic plate and falls into the glass with a sound!

A visible and audible effect and absolutely inexplicable for the audience!

But you're putting a hammer on it! You let the ball roll out of the glass and place a playing card under the plastic plate, which closes the holes. Even the last doubter knows that it is now completely impossible that the ball can penetrate the plate!

You put the ball on the pane and maneuver the whole thing onto the glass. You move the ball from the left to the right hole, then to the center, and to the front and back holes. Then the viewer should name a position where the ball should penetrate the plate!

Despite the absolutely fair conditions, it is enough if you briefly tap the ball so that it penetrates the plate and the card underneath and lands in the glass with a clink.

Ball, glass and plate can be examined!

A fantastic effect that you will always have with you!



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