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Screwed! by PropDog
Screwed! by PropDogScrewed! by PropDog

Screwed! by PropDog

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Screwed by PropDog is a Smash & Stab type prop that uses regular looking corkscrews. Place plastic, paper or polystyrene cups over all the corkscrews and perform your favourite Smash & Stab routine.  No routines or instructions are included with this.

The straight corkscrew has two very powerful magnets hidden within it's base, so it can be picked up by using an electronic magnetic detector such as Sixth Sense.  

It was originally designed for use with either Sixth Sense or Sixth Sense 2.  BUT PLEASE BE AWARE, IT DOES NOT WORK WITH SIXTH SENSE 3!  Sixth Sense 3 is super sensitive, so not only does it pick up the metal in the ungimmicked corkscrews, but it also picks up the gimmicked one from about a meter away!

It may work with other magnetic detectors, but this has not been tested, it has only been tested on Sixth Sense and Sixth Sense 2.



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