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Smoke Pro by Trevor Duffy

Smoke Pro by Trevor Duffy

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Imagine producing an object in a cloud of smoke! Or have a card change into another, in a column of smoke. Or mysteriously fill a glass with smoke. The possibilities are endless. 

Smoke Pro has evolved and been developed for over 25 years. It is truly a professional worker's smoke device, designed in such a way that problems seldom arise, giving you peace of mind for your next show. Charge up your e-cigarette and the unique Smoke Pro device will do the work for you! 
The use of smoke is dramatic, enhances your magic and adds value to your performance! 

Fits under upper arm, unnoticed by the audience
Incredible squeeze bulb memory for immediate repeats of smoke
Soft and comfortable squeeze
No switches, wires, or electronics in the device itself = less to go wrong!
Mechanically operated - giving YOU full control of the amount of smoke required
Absolutely SILENT operation
E-cigarette used for the supply of smoke
Trim off extra tube length to suit your body size
Comfortable to wear for long gigs
Easy, safe, and uncomplicated to use
No chest strap
Wear under a jacket or a long sleeve shirt

Complete Smoke Pro system ready to go
Re-chargeable e-cigarette kit
6 refill cartridges = 1000+ full puffs of smoke!
Adjustable and very comfortable arm strap integrated with squeeze pouch
Adjustable wrist strap in black
DVD and booklet with full instructions
Extra length arm pipe to trim off according to arm and body size



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