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Smoggler (White) by CIGMA Magic
Smoggler (White) by CIGMA MagicSmoggler (White) by CIGMA Magic

Smoggler (White) by CIGMA Magic

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Please Note: This product is a one off that we bought in to test and are not happy to sell due to the issues we faced with it.

We are not looking to re-stock this unless it has been made better.

If you would still like one, please use the Murphy's products page to order this from us.

After numerous tests and constant refining, we have finally released Smoggler L. We are excited to bring you the most handy and versatile smoke device with the best quality for real-life magic workers.

Its teeny tiny bit of volume makes it highly adaptable to a variety of performing environments, imperceptible to the audience, and comfortable for use. There is a wide range of possibilities for its settings: wristbands, card mats, shirt collars, you name it. Your imagination is the limit!The remote control of Smoggler L is the highlight. It functions in two different mechanisms. You can either press the remote control to switch on and off, or simply attach it onto your clothes, slightly tilt your arms to let the gravity do the job. The gravitational mechanism keeps hands free and mind concentrated. The switch-on movement can be easily choreographed into any routine to enhance the naturalness and flow of your art.

"Get your Smoggler L. Get ready to fire."



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