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8" Circular Roll Up Pad - Silver Gator

8" Circular Roll Up Pad - Silver Gator

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PropDog Ltd originally had a partnership with JM Authentics, to help Jordan produce some of his pads.   But we've now gone our separate ways, purchasing a licensing agreement from Jordan to produce many of JM Authentic's original range. A few years on and with new processes and technologies, PropDog are now the leading manufacturer of close up pads/mats in the world! Our stylish designs are expertly assembled by our PropDog master upholsterer and prop-maker onsite at the PropDog Workshop in London. 

Each PropDog Roll Up Pad is meticulously hand crafted to an extremely high standard

Roll Up pads consist of a top fabric, either a velvet or suede and a tough rubber base.  These layers are expertly bonded using an industrial heat press machine to ensure an even bond and finish throughout the pad.

This Circular roll up pad has a 8” diameter and are perfect for chop cup routines or to have a small space to place a deck of cards on.



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