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Rubik's Cube Prophecy (15 Tricks) by Fantasma Magic

Rubik's Cube Prophecy (15 Tricks) by Fantasma Magic

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Baffling mindreading magic with a Rubik's Cube theme! 

Rubik's Prophecy: Six different plastic plates are shown. Each has an illustration of a scrambled Rubik's Cube on the front, and one of the colors of the Rubik's Cube on the back. A spectator randomly chooses one of the plates. A small envelope is then brought out which contains a prediction. When the magician opens the envelope, the prediction contained within matches the color on the plate! 

Rubik's ESP Cards: A card is shown to feature a scrambled Rubik's Cube. A spectator secretly chooses one of the colors. Next, the magician shows the spectator ten cards, each of which shows the cube scrambled a different way and even has two colors randomly removed! Despite these circumstances, the magician immediately guesses the chosen color! 

15 great feats of mentalism are included!


  • 6 Rubik's Prophecy Chips
  • Rubik's Prediction Envelope
  • 2 Rubik's Prediction Cards
  • Secret Device
  • Rubik's Metal Chips
  • 11 Rubik's ESP Cards
  • Instructional Booklet
  • Instructional Video Download



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