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Rehearsing Your Mistakes by Angel Simal

Rehearsing Your Mistakes by Angel Simal

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"Angel Simal has done something unusual, which I found very interesting: he's written an entire work on how we can embrace our failures - both in our shows and inour thinking - and learn from them. It's a worthy task and I found the advice stimulating and useful" - Joshua Jay

Magician's are experts in producing memorable moments in their shows. In Rehearsing Your Mistakes, you will learn some of their secret techniques to achieve an outstanding presentation. Forget about Murphy's Law, and take a step forward to create your own events.

Whether you are a professional performer or just want to improve your public speaking, this book is for you. You will learn some practical improvisational concepts that could save your life when something goes off the script, you will discover a simple method to do a proper risk assessment during your rehearsal, and you will get to know a bunch of powerful secrets that will create great emotions in your audience. In these pages, you will also discover a complete study on creativity, the fantastic muse that all great artists pursue.

Rehearsing Your Mistakes is about a creative process where imagination, technique and experience get together to come to the rescue of the magician in distress.

About Angel Simal:
Angel Simal is a professional magician from Spain with wide international experience. Original acts and powerful presentations are always enjoyed by the audience iin his shows.

Simal is also the artistic director of a magic festival in Spain, "Castillo Magico", which has been running since 2012 in a beautiful medieval castle.

Rehearsing Your Mistakes, first published in Spanish in 2018, has been widely praised by the magic community in Spain. Then, the author decided to translate the book into English so more magicians and performers could enjoy it. Rehearsing Your Mistakes has been finally published in English in April 2021.

Norbert Ferre
The foreword is written by the star magician Norbert Ferre, Grand Prix FISM winner (2003) and awarded the Mandrake D'Or by the Academy of Magic Arts.



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