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MOSAIC by Perseus Arkomanis

MOSAIC by Perseus Arkomanis

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At over 500 pages Mosaic is the culmination of Perseus Arkomanis's life's work, it is an absolutely incredible collection of magic and theory.

If you have ever seen Perseus in action you will know he performs engaging, entertaining and powerful magic. He is well know for his scripting and ability to create a magical experience which is highly memorable. This book is a chance to learn from his thinking as well his methods.

Known originally for his amazing downloads released with Ellusionist, this 527-page paperback book (yes, you read that correctly!) contains over 30 items that Perseus has decided to share with the magic community.

Here are several examples...

COUPLES: A sandwich effect where two partners (represented by a King and Queen of Hearts) locate that "Magical Something" that they are looking for (communication, balance, safety, etc.) in the form of a selection.

WEAK: A spectator is stripped of his physical strength and is unable to tear a single playing card until the magician restores it back to him.

RING & KEY: A borrowed key passes right through a borrowed ring.

MR. MIDAS: A 24-karat-gold 1 cent coin vanishes from within a piece of folded paper and reappears in an impossible location.



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