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Ring in Salt

Ring in Salt

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Please note - you will require both a magic wand and ring vanishing cloth to achieve this effect.

The magician borrows a ring, which is then wrapped in a of cloth. A lady holds the wrapped ring in one hand and a saltshaker in the other. Her task us to make the ring disappear with the help of "magic salt" and make it re-appear again in a small jewelry box. After a few unsuccessful attempts the ring does disappear but, unfortunately, does not turn up in the jewelry box. Instead, a noise is heard when salt is sprinkled over the jewelry box, and the lady finds that the ring has appeared in the saltshaker, although she had been holding the ring and the saltshaker in her hands all the time!!!

Our version of this illusion is vastly improved. It comes with a beautifully turned saltshaker that functions with great precision. What distinguishes our new development from other versions: With our version it does not matter whether the lady examines the saltshaker inside and outside after it has been emptied. No manipulation whatever can be seen.



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