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Presence by G
Presence by GPresence by GPresence by GPresence by GPresence by GPresence by G

Presence by G

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"Presence is impactful and will definitely leave an impression on your audience!" - T.C. Tahoe

Presence might be one of the strangest and strongest effects we have ever put on film. The biggest problem we had while making the trailer for Presence was everyone swearing and running away when G performed it!

After letting your spectators examine some blank pieces of paper they sign one of them. You place their hand palm down on the table. After verifying that the signature is real the magician visually vanishes the signature from the business card. When the spectator picks up their hand their signature is now revealed to be underneath their hand and printed directly onto the table.

G is known for his brilliant thinking and creative effects. Presence is no exception. The tutorial clocks in at over an hour, and includes how to perform the effect on a wide variety of surfaces, including black tabletops and metal surfaces and make their signature appear in a variety of colors. Plus G includes a variety of presentations and psychological touches for performance. Special gimmicks will be sent so that you’ll have everything to perform this powerhouse effect right out of the box.



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