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Easy Bend Keys - by PropDog

Easy Bend Keys - by PropDog

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We are extremely proud to present the Easy Bend Key!  It's so soft, you can bend it with just your hands.  But the best thing is, once you bend it, it's way harder to bend it back, most will in fact find it impossible to bend back!   Please note thought that you do have to give it a good bend for this to work, if you just bend it a little, then you can bend it back. Basically, the more you bend them, the harder they are to bend back.

You can use this key on it's own, or in conjunction with the No Bend key, which is identical in every way, but this key has not been heat treated and is almost impossible to bend with your bare hands. 

As a routine idea, you can give the No Bend Key to a spectator, ask him or her to bend it, which if course they can't, you take the key back and place your hand on their forehead and tell them that you are giving him or her the power to bend it or to give them super strength or whatever patter you want to use.  Whilst doing this, you are switching the key for an Easy Bend Key.  You then give them the key and ask them to bend it as much as they can, which they can now do.  You now say that you are going to take the power away and snap your fingers.  Because the key is now bent, they of course now struggle to bend it back. 




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