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Inside their Pockets - Number 3: The Belt Steal

Inside their Pockets - Number 3: The Belt Steal

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Get in! Get out! Steal all you can! Number three in the amazing "Inside Their Pockets" series is the intimate and delicate Belt Steal! 

Long coveted as one of the most difficult steals in the art of pick pocketing, The Belt Steal is shown here in simple detail. Taught concisely in less than ten minutes by Sam "The Gambit" Rubman!
Steal the skeptics blind!
In less than ten minutes, you'll be a thief!
The Belt Steal revealed and easy to do!!
On this wonderful volume, you'll learn how to remove a complete stranger's belt right from under their nose. It's easy if you know how, and Sam will teach you all the ins and outs of the belt steal, leaving nothing to the imagination! 

Running Time Approximately: 9mins



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