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Phantom Lock

Phantom Lock

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Not exactly new, but now available in a beautiful new version, easy and convincing to present, much better all round. You hand a solid brass padlock to a member of the audience and ask him or her to open the lock. This is not possible without a key, of course. You produce a fine long-stemmed wine glass containing a suitable key which you tip into the spectator's hand. The spectator opens the lock, and locks it again to make sure that both key and lock are working properly. The spectator keeps the key in his hand. Important at this point for insiders: The key is not switched, the closed padlock is placed in the wine glass by the spectator! You cover the glass with an attractive cloth, shake the glass a little so that the padlock can be heard clinking against the glass. You shake a bit harder - a rattling noise! Has the lock broken the glass? You remove the cloth and the audience is aghast! The lock has gone through the glass and is firmly locked around its stem.

The spectator may take the glass and open the lock with the key which he has held in his hand all the time. Even if you don't believe it, everything happens as described. If that doesn't fascinate your audience .....

Great trick with a solid brass padlock. Attractively patterned elegant cloth. Not one of those kiddies' locks which makes you suspect that every lock can be opened with the same tinny key.



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