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Penguin Live Lecture DVD - Daryl

Penguin Live Lecture DVD - Daryl

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“In my opinion, Daryl is one of the smoothest and (most) entertaining close-up performers I have ever witnessed.” –Dai Vernon

  • “Daryl is truly entertaining, highly skilled, and too smart for his own damn good.”
    –Phil Goldstein
  • “One of the most inimitable, charismatic performers of our time. Such enthusiasm, combined with carefully selected, powerful effects, provides knowledgeable magicians as well as laymen a rare glimpse at a deceptive, delightful, portable Disneyland.” –
    Michael Ammar
  • Daryl has managed to avoid the holier than thou attitude that seems so prevalent among the “stars” of magic.” –
    Paul Harris
  • “Truly beautiful magic.” –
    John Cornelius
  • “Daryl was funny, Daryl was serious, Daryl was one of the nicest, most polite and professional lecturers that we have ever had the pleasure of hosting. I highly recommend that anyone who can see Daryl’s lecture, do so.” –
    The Linking Ring

What will he teach?


  • Ambitious Card Routine
    Daryl’s very own FISM Gold medal award-winning ambitious card routine including the Ultimate Ambition IMPROVED!
  • Fiedler’s Flier
    A NO PALM card to sealed envelope effect.
  • Jumping Jacks
    Daryl’s version of McDonald’s 0 Routine where the SPECTATOR performs the magic!
  • Rising Card in Envelope
    Everyone loves this one!


  • Daryl’s Rope Routine
    An angel-proof 10 minute ACT with three ordinary pieces of rope!
  • Puzzling Bill Vanish REPEAT
    Money vanishes in the audience’s minds, before their eyes, then from a SPECTATOR’S HANDS!
  • Many and as Much as You
    A mind-boggling two phase mental mystery.
  • Bounce Across
    The “BOUNCE” travels from one rubber ball to another!
  • Milliken’s Transposition
    This is a GREAT transposition routine with some special “Daryl” surprises!
  • Daryl’s Sponge Ball Routine
    Probably the simplest, most entertaining and commercial Sponge Ball routine EVER

Who is he?

Daryl Magician to the leaders, past and present!

World Champion magician, Daryl, is known by his peers around the globe as “The Magician’s Magician” because he represents the best of the best in the highly specialized world of close-up magic. Daryl was voted by readers of MAGIC Magazine as one of the top ten most influential magicians of the twentieth century! Daryl’s sleight of hand technique is flawless, his magic is original and astonishing and his presentations are hilariously entertaining! Daryl has earned just about every major magic award imaginable including a gold medal at the F.I.S.M. World Congress of Magic (which is equivalent to the “Olympics” of magic) and SIX Academy Awards from the world famous Academy of Magical Arts (The Magic Castle) in Hollywood, California!

In 1999 and 2000 Daryl’s New Millennium World Tour saw him performing and teaching his original creations in more than 250 cities, in 25 different countries. But Daryl says “One of the greatest honors of my career was to be selected to perform for the President’s Inaugural Candlelight Dinner in Washington D.C.” Daryl was also a resident headlining act at Caesars Magical Empire at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas for seven years, before settling in the Sierra Foothills of Northern California. Daryl now concentrates on performing for select private and corporate functions, producing and marketing his original magical creations and instructional DVDs and providing personalized tuition to magicians and magic enthusiasts around the world.



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