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Paul Gordon's Quidnunc Book
Paul Gordon's Quidnunc Book

Paul Gordon's Quidnunc Book

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The highly-acclaimed Quidnunc contains 115 powerful card magic routines and 300 jam-packed pages with hundreds of photos and a sleights section. The book is beautiful hardback. Stitched pages, gold foil embossed with attractive head and tail bands.  The tricks are workable, doable, commercial and eye-popping. Paul's writing style is easy to follow, too. Most tricks are described in one/two easy-to-read pages. Download a "contents" pdf on the download page. Since 2016, over 1000 copies have been sold to 12 different countries. That is great business! 

The Linking Ring "Mr. Gordon's Quidnunc is one of the best card books in years. It looks stunning and contains the finest type of worker material."
Peter Nardi "Quidnunc is a stunning book of stunning workers! Really great!"
Gary Jones "I just love it. Worker Supreme (from Quidnunc) is worth the price of entry!"
The Magic Cafe (latest & greatest) "We have to say that Quidnunc is a startling-good book of powerful material!"

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