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Ninja by Alex Zhan
Ninja by Alex ZhanNinja by Alex ZhanNinja by Alex ZhanNinja by Alex ZhanNinja by Alex Zhan

Ninja by Alex Zhan

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What comes to mind when a Color Change is mentioned?

A Snap Change? Erdnase Change? Flap Card?

A color change of a card is considered an essential skill to any card magician. It is one of those effects that will excite and cause your audience’s eyes to pop.

There are many techniques and props that can achieve the color change effect, but each method, sleight of hand or gimmicked, poses its own problems.

It is difficult to achieve a visual and instant color change with pure sleight of hand, and a color change done with gimmicks is difficult to ring in and be used practically at close range in actual performance.

In order to create the perfect combination of visual appeal and practicality, we have collaborated with Alex Zhan to launch -- NINJA.

The effect is an audience choose a card, the card is then returned to the deck and lost. The Magician flashes a card from the deck, but it is not the chosen card. With a flick of your fingers, the card instantly changes to the audience's card.

The card can be freely chosen and signed. The signed card can be given to the audience!

The promotional video is not sped up or altered in any way. What you see is what you get.

The creator, Alex Zhan, is a very creative magician. In his hands, whether it is innovative techniques or gimmick making, he always applies some ingenious methods and principles.

Ninja was created after improving on classic techniques and principles. After Alex showed it to us for the first time, we immediately decided to release it. When you see the method, you will definitely fall in love with its cleverness.

Creator’s message

Why is it called Ninja? All Ninjas goes through rigorous training and are a force to be reckoned with. The effect is like a samurai sword, fast, accurate, and ruthless. If you are out traveling without any magic props, a deck of cheap cards can quickly achieve the effect for you!

Currently, there have been many color change effects on the market. So, I began to think about how to make this effect look different, and to make it really practical for actual performance. The original idea was initially conceived five years ago, but I never found a suitable method. It was until I came across Daryl’s Flip-up card that I found inspiration and the solution. This effect is also a tribute to the classics!

As the saying goes, ‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime’. In instructions, it also teaches you how to make the gimmick. Once you know the method, I believe you will discover more uses for it or extend it to create more effects. If you can't find inspiration, I suggest you refer to Daryl’s Flip-up card. Two versions are taught in the video, the actual performance method and the video performance method. The actual performance method is split into the eye-level angle and low angle, so that you can easily deal with different situations.

Ninja contains two fully constructed gimmicked cards that are handmade by Alex. These two gimmicked cards allow you to achieve the color change effect in different forms. You can also create your own gimmick with your favorite cards according to Alex's instructions. The construction is very simple and only takes three minutes.


Some points you might be interested in:

  • Simple operation, strong effect, practical;
  • The audience freely chooses a card. The card can be signed. This card can be given to the audience;
  • Comes with ready-made gimmicked cards, ready to use;
  • You can master it in three minutes after watching the tutorial;
  • Quick reset, the gimmicked card is less than the thickness of two cards;
  • Detailed instructions, including how to construct the gimmick.



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