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Nesting Wands by Tommy James (Coloured)

Nesting Wands by Tommy James (Coloured)

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I want to thank Bev Bergeron, the creator of the original Multiplying Wands for his permission to manufacture my Jumbo Nesting Wands. Included with my instructions are Bev's original instructions as well as the complete history of the Multiplying Wands!

A gorgeous set of wands you will be proud to use in your act. Each wand is 16 " long, hand-made by  Tommy using a light weight plastic stock, wrapped in a 3 mil gloss vinyl covering for years of performing use.

The routine is a classic. Hand your volunteer a YELLOW magic wand, but you are left holding a RED wand. Ask your helper to hold the red wand but now you're holding a BLUE wand! Place the blue wand under your helper's arm, now you're left holding a GREEN wand. Place the green wand under their other arm and you are left holding a WHITE wand. Place the white wand under the child's chin, have them stand on one leg and cue the audience to give your helper a BIG round of applause. Your helper may now choose a wand to utilize in your routine! A set you will be proud to own!

Tommy, your nest of wands are the best. I can not go back to the old ones now. I love the way they look so kid-friendly, great colors, fun looking and a good size that you can even use in stage shows. Thanks for improving on such a fun product every kids show performer should have. - Greg Britt-Elgregoe The Magician, New Zealand




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