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Necktie Disguise Coin by Johnny Wong

Necktie Disguise Coin by Johnny Wong

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Finally, a reason to wear a necktie all the time! Johnny Wong's Necktie Coin will absolutely blow you away! 
You will want it with you all the time. 
You'll find yourself wearing a necktie just so you can perform these miracles. 
You can do so many things with this brilliant gimmick.

Here are just a few:

In the most basic routine, a Half Dollar held at your fingertips vanishes in the blink of an eye. Your hands are left absolutely empty. 
You can do it with your sleeves rolled up. It looks amazing!

How about this? Wrap a coin in a silk handkerchief. 
They audience can see the coin until the last second. 
The silk is tossed in the air and the coin has vanished! Again, your hands are absolutely empty.

Or this? Show a small purse frame. 
Drop a coin into the frame and it visibly vanishes! 
This looks so amazing, you will watch yourself do it over and over again in the mirror. 
And, you will stand there and smile!

And this. Show both hands empty. 
In a blink, a Half Dollar appears. 
Suddenly the coin vanishes, leaving your hands totally empty!

Even this. Show a wine bottle and a Half Dollar. 
Tap the coin on the bottom of the bottle. 
Instantly the coin is inside the bottle, and your hands are completely empty! 

What is this miracle device? 
Without going into all the details, it is based on a very old principle, never used this way before. 
Suffice it to say the coin is hidden right in plain view, yet is invisible to the eyes of the spectators.

The Necktie Coin is very different from the Necktie Servante (which is also an excellent item). 
It comes with the very special tie and one very special coin, plus a terrific set of instructions detailing all the routines. You will use this all the time! 



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